Overnight Services

You don't have to leave your pet and home alone at night. Let our sitter watch over your home and pets during the night.



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Overnight Stay

Our Sitters stay in your home from 8pm-7am. This keeps your pets rouitine as normal as possible.

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Overnight Stay + 30 Minute Midday Visit 

Our Sitters stay in your home from 8pm-7am and come back midday for a 30 minute visit. This is perfect if your pets require a midday potty break.

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Overnight Services Always Include House Sitting Services FREE

Mail & Packages

Plant Care 

Trash Mangment

If you have special care instructions for your plants we have you covered! We can water and care for your plants while you are away.
We will bring in your mail & packages daily. We won't let packages build up at your door or let mail pil  in your mail box. 
We don't want your trash building up when you are away. Just let us know when trash pick up is and we will take it to the street and bring your bins back to the house!

Radio & TV
For YOUR Pet

Blind & Light Rotation

Additonal Service

Have additional needs or requests? Just ask, chances are we can help! Common additional services include: Filling bird feeders, adding pool chemicals, and washing dishes.
We will adjust your blinds and turn on and off lights upon request. We want to keep everything in a normal routine when you are away! This also gives your home a
"live-in" look.
Do you keep on the radio or TV for your pets while you away? Does your pet have a favorite TV show? We have you covered.