Meet & Greet

Lets get to know each other!

What is a
Meet & Greet?

You can think of this as a free consultation. A Meet & Greet is required for all first time clients, and is designed for you and your pets to get to know us (and vice versa). TLP understands how important it is for you to be completely comfortable with the person you will trust with your home and pets while you are away. So we want to be sure we are able to answer all of your questions and go over your pet’s routine in person. We believe it is just as important to build lasting relationships with our human clients as it is with our furry ones. You can schedule a Meet & Greet by calling us at
(706) 393-4112 or send us an email on our 
Contact Us ​page.

What Can I Expect?

Here are a few important things we'll cover during your Meet  & Greet:

Your Pet's Routine: We'll go over your pet's feeding instructions, daily potty schedule, and everything else we need to know to insure your pet is safe and happy. You'll be thrilled with our service, too. It's our guarantee.

Your Home: We'll also cover anything we need to know about your home, like how your home alarm system works, which areas of the home your pet is confined to or restricted from, where you keep your outdoor trash, etc. We'll also talk about who to contact in the case of an emergency if you are not available. 

Our key Policy: During your Meet & Greet, we'll take possession of two sets of keys to your home. We feel you should understand exactly how we handle the keys to your home, and why we have put our key policy in place. 

​You'll probably have questions. We'll answer them.

What do I need to do before the
Meet & Greet?

After we have scheduled your Meet & Greet we will have sent you a couple of E-mails:

Time To Pet Activation: This is a e-mail you will receive to activate your client portal. This is how you will schedule your future services, keep updated on all of your visits, and communicate with your assigned sitter.

Time To Pet Application: There is a phone application to go along with your client portal. This e-mail will have instructions on how to use and download this app on your device. 

TLP Welcome E-mail: This is our welcome e-mail to say thank you for choosing us! This e-mail includes more in-depth information for our Meet & Greet this includes, date and time conformation, documents you will need to complete and fill out, and key information.