Meet The Team!

  1. Michelle C.
    Michelle C.
    I knew that I needed to continue the love I had for animals even after the loss of my dog. In 2016 created the company TLP - Tender Love & Pet Care. My goal is to make the community a better place for all pet owners. I want my services to be of value to the community, and to enrich the lives of animals. I look forward to giving you and your buddy an excellent experience, custom tailored to you and your friends needs.
  2. Jessica L.
    Jessica L.
    Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
    I absolutely LOVE helping others and do so with all of my heart! I have adored and loved animals all of my life! It helps my heart so much to lend a helping hand to someone, when needed and when not! Animals are great companions and only want love, and I have all of the love to give in the world!
  3. Stephanie W.
    Stephanie W.
    Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
    I have enjoyed pet sitting for my family members back home, as well as friends back home and now here in Columbus. We are stationed at Fort Benning and I am so excited to continue the love I have for animals as a job! Animals bring a love and joy to life that is indescribable. They are forever friends, loyal companions, and a part of so many families! I look forward to serving many more animal families and experiencing the joy that comes with it for many years to come!
  4. Rian O.
    Rian O.
    Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
    Working with animals brings joy to my life! I grew up with pets, was a regular pet sitter for friends and family, and even continued working with animals in my undergraduate studies. I joined the TLP team to share my love for animals and provide a friendly, fun, safe, and positive environment for your pets in order to make them as comfortable as possible.